Although the areas surrounding the City SOHO Condominium are quite nice to spend the time in, there are quite a lot of in-house amenities that also make it worth your while just staying at home.

First of all, the City SOHO has its own supermarket and commercial retail spaces. The first three floors of the building are actually reserved for a small mall. There, you will find most of the things that you will need. There will be a couple of fast food restaurants, clothing stores, electronics stores, and other general merchandise. You do not even need to leave the building if you just need to buy your groceries for the week as there is already a huge supermarket right inside your condominium building.

There is also a swimming pool area in the roof deck of the building. Aside from giving you the chance to cool off in the clear waters of the pool, you are also treated to a great view of the city from such a high vantage point. Now, if you would like to work out before or after your day at work, the City SOHO has its own fully equipped gym and fitness center. You will have all of the equipment that you will need to train every muscle group in your body. You no longer need to spend money on a gym membership. You already have one at “home”.

If you need a place to hold a party or a business meeting, you can use the building’s large function hall. This place is great for gatherings like birthday parties, speaking engagements, and other purposes.

Security is not a concern in the City SOHO condominium. First, there are teams of professional security personnel who are constantly keeping watch over all of the residents. There will always be a guard or two posted in all of the entrances and exits, so they will screen everyone who are not residents or have no business in the building. There are also dozens of security cameras installed in all the hallways, corridors, and public areas of the condominium, so if someone manages the incredible feat of getting past the guards, they will not escape the watchful gaze of all those security cameras.

All units are also equipped with modern smoke and fire alarms and the entire building is kept safe by a modern sprinkler system. This means that fires can be immediately put out by the sprinklers to prevent more damage.

As an added bonus, all of the doors in the residential and business units are protected by an electric heavy-duty lock that can only be opened using RF cards. If someone tries to pick any of these locks, it will trip the sensors and then set off an alarm in the security office.

The lobby/receiving area is also quite spacious and furnished with a couple of large couches. You can use this area in case you are entertaining visitors, especially if they will not fit inside your residential unit.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Function Rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
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